About Us

CrazyFlame performs a blend of Pop/Rock sprinkled with a Latin/Soul/Blues/Reggae mix. Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Troy Isom and vocalist Yamille, CrazyFlame has a unique and refreshing sound that has been described as delicious.  It is our passion for music that brings us together.  

CrazyFlame performances range from intimate acoustic sets including 2-3 musicians to larger scale spectaculars including 8-10 musicians.  We are equipped and capable of providing music and sound for venues including meetings, clubs, festivals, weddings and any kinds of event that you can think of.  

As a band, we are drawn together to create musical magic to share with you.  

Music is magic…it moves the soul, colors memories, warms hearts, and electrifies love.

Music is like an eternal CrazyFlame we have to share with you.


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